Roswell planning citywide ADA transition plan

To maintain Roswell’s bike-friendly, walkability and ADA (Americans with Disabilities) compliance, the city is collaborating with Bureau Veritas to create a citywide ADA Transition Plan.

Over the next few months, Bureau Veritas staff will be conducting surveys on the public right-of-way, including streets, sidewalks, signalized intersections and street crossings.

The team uses special equipment known as pathMet devices for sidewalk data that looks like a small stroller and curbMet for curb ramp data, equipment that resembles a metal detector.

This evaluation will identify and make note of any gaps in connectivity, potential safety hazards, obstructions, missing curb ramps and any other noncompliance with accessibility regulations. These findings will help inform the final transition plan.

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design establish enforceable accessibility standards for new construction and alterations to existing construction. Information:

Questions about Roswell’s ADA Transition Plan: