Roswell makes it easier to place security cameras at schools

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Until a recent change to policy, only homeowners associations and charitable organizations could request to place an object or structure in Roswell-owned right-of-way along streets.

Due to a request from Flock Safety on behalf of Fulton County Schools and Fulton County Schools Police Department for permission to install three license plate reader cameras along Woodstock Road near Roswell North Elementary school, the city has revised the ROW encroachment policy. The city recognizes the benefits of such cameras on enhancing public safety and the assistance they can provide to Roswell Police.

As a result, only an existing homeowners association, non-profit organization or schools may apply for, or receive permission to place an object or structure within the city’s right-of-way.

Restrictions apply in each case. For school cameras or license plate readers, the Roswell Police Department must have access to camera footage recorded in the past 30 days as well as those that are archived by the video maintaining entity at no cost. The Roswell Police Chief will also be part of the approval process regarding the installation of security cameras within the city’s right-of-way.