Milton re-adopts five ethics principles

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

The Milton City Council recently voted to re-adopt the five Georgia Municipal Association Ethics Principles for recertification as a Georgia Certified City of Ethics.

The city has been certified by the GMA as a Certified City of Ethics since 2010 and requires re-certification every four years. To qualify, the mayor and council reaffirmed the ethics principles approved by the GMA Board:

  • Serve others, not ourselves
  • Use resources with efficiency and economy
  • Treat all people fairly
  • Use the power of our position for the well-being of our constituents
  • Create an environment of honesty, openness and integrity

This resolution along with the Milton Ethics Ordinance will be sent to GMA for review, approval and re-certification. It’s anticipated the city will be re-certified in January and will receive a plaque and a logo which can be incorporated into city stationery, road signs and other materials at the city’s discretion.