Milton moves to design phase for roundabout at Bethany Road at Providence Road

In March, Milton used TSPLOST funding with KCI Technologies to provide concept plans for the Bethany Road at Providence Road and Freemanville Road at Redd Road intersection improvement projects. The agreement included the option to add the scope and fee for construction documents once a concept had been developed.

The Milton City Council recently agreed to add design services for the Bethany Road at Providence Road roundabout project at an additional fee of $166,750.

These additional services will include design of the roundabout along with a topographic field survey and database consistent with GDOT standards.

This database will include things like visible areas within the project limits, including edge of pavement, utilities, sidewalk, drainage structures, curb and gutter as well as location of all walls, fences, buildings and poles. KCI will also compile right-of-way information, environmental screening including waterways and wetlands, a construction cost estimate and the final design for the roundabout.

Construction remains a long way off. Final plans are to be submitted by Jan. 30, 2023.