Chihuahua wins Roswell’s photo contest

Roswell recently announced the winner of the city’s Dog Waste Pledge photo contest. Tucci, a 9-month-old Chihuahua had the most votes out of 73 submissions. Tucci, and her owner, Gloria Libby, received a bag of doggie goodies from The Downtown Pooch on Canton Street including toys, treats, and oral care products.

The contest is a fun way to remind residents to follow “Rule #1 is Pick up #2″ to keep Roswell and its waterways clean.

The annual campaign invites the public to take a pledge to pick up after their pets. Since the same streams our yards feed into ultimately become our drinking water, proper disposal of pet waste helps keep the water supply safer for everyone.

According to the city’s website, “Unlike cow manure that is processed and used as fertilizer, dog waste is high in nitrogen and phosphorus and can burn yellow spots in grass if left on a lawn. The same goes for other parts of your yard and passive parks with woods and open spaces; pet waste pollutes forests, meadows, and your landscaped gardens.”

While the contest has ended, residents can still take the pledge: