Alpharetta nonprofit uses old cell phones for good

Cell Phones For Soldiers uses proceeds from donated cell phones to purchase international calling cards for military troops so they can call home and to provide emergency funding to veterans. The Alpharetta-based nonprofit is committed to providing cost-free communication services and emergency funding to active-duty military members and veterans.

Since 2004, the charity has provided more than 400 million minutes of air time to servicemen and women deployed around the world. Used cell phones are recycled, reducing their impact on landfills. To date, CPFS has recycled more than 25 million cell phones.

To participate search for a local drop-off location at, or ship phones directly to CPFS using a prepaid shipping label for 10 devices or more, or download a self-paid label.

Donated phones are wiped of all personal information and refurbished for sale or their parts are carefully recycled.