Alpharetta named best for outdoor-centric remote workers

If you love the outdoors and want to work remotely, Alpharetta is your best choice in the south according to Ownerly, a provider of home value information used by home buyers and sellers, real estate agents, banks and lenders.

Ownerly analyzed 445 cities across the nation to rank best outdoors-centric Zoom Towns by region for remote workers who love the outdoors. This ranking differs from their recent Best Zoom Towns USA, which prioritized cost-related factors like rent and housing prices. For this outdoors-focused list, the organization looked at access to greenspace, number of gyms, prevalence of leisure time activities and levels of local or state fitness.

According to Ownerly’s findings, “Many workers no longer have to prioritize proximity to the office when deciding where to live. Instead they can consider other factors that would improve their quality of life—one of which is access to the outdoors.”