Alpharetta approves $4.7M road resurfacing contract

The Alpharetta City Council recently approved a $4,720,184 contract with Allied Paving Contractors for the FY 2023 Milling and Resurfacing Project.

The city maintains over 500 miles of roadway and budgets each year for milling and resurfacing of these roads. According to city documents, “accomplishing this task extends the roads’ useful life and increases the roads’ ability to handle traffic volumes.’

In 2019 and again in 2021 the city funded a project to evaluate city roadway conditions. By using current data, rehabilitation information, and traffic information about the city’s road inventory and surface conditions the city has created a plan for road network repair and rehabilitation. Based on the latest ratings, 39 locations adding up to 20.52 lane miles will be part of this project.

All work included in this project should be finished by July 1, 2023.