Alpharetta accepts $15,000 grant for Music Match

The Alpharetta City Council recently agreed to accept the 2022 Fulton County Arts & Culture Grant Award totaling $15,000. The grant requires a $15,000 match from the city.

This grant will help fund about 50 live Music Match performances in Alpharetta. The actual number of performances varies based on performing artists’ fees. In 2021, there were 64 music performances. In 2021 and 2022, the Wire & Wood Songwriter’s Festival utilized the Music Match Program to give businesses the opportunity to participate in the festival line-up.

Each participating Alpharetta business (mainly restaurants and retail boutiques) contributes a minimum of $100 to the program, which ultimately compensates a musician for their performance. When a Music Match application is approved, the city then matches the amount and provides that total contribution amount to the performer.