Nacho cheese, bowls of sauces tossed at adventure park

The café at a trampoline park in Newnan failed a routine health inspection during the winter break.

At Urban Air Adventure Park, the Nacho cheese dip was not hot enough to prevent bacteria growth and was discarded. In addition, multiple food items in the cooler were without date markings and were also discarded.

Multiple bowls of sauces were uncovered in the back of a reach-in cooler. The bowls were removed and emptied during the inspection.

The café had no thermometers to measure food temperatures, and three coolers were also without thermometers. There were no test strips to measure the concentration of sanitizing solutions. Heavy debris and food buildup were on the inside and outside of the oven.

The hand sink was used as a mop sink and none of the sinks had paper towels.

Urban Air Adventure Park café failed the Dec. 21 routine inspection with a 61/U, down from a previous score of 71/C, earned in August. It will have a follow-up health inspection.