LocatorX steps up to keep track of medical equipment

The coronavirus pandemic has stretched our healthcare system to its limits. When the team at LocatorX, a company that specializes in tagging and tracking equipment, products and more, heard a story on the news about healthcare personnel struggling to keep track of medical equipment during the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to step up.

“Our thoughts were that we needn’t rely on Silicon Valley when we have a very talented development team in Midtown Atlanta and we’re already in the business of helping our clients trust, track and find the most important things in their life,” said Steve Maul, chief revenue officer of LocatorX and executive sponsor of the medical device registry. “It was clear to us that ventilators were the most important thing in many people’s lives.”

In April 2020 LocatorX launched its national medical device registry, tagging medical equipment so that it can be easily sorted and located when it’s needed. The registry began with ventilators, but now it’s used for any portable equipment that might be loaned or easily misplaced.

“When citizens are dealing with something so devastating as this pandemic has been, it’s incumbent upon those who have something of value to offer it to those in need,” said Maul. “The leadership of LocatorX has worked to establish a culture of giving back, and making the medical device registry available is but one of the ways we want to contribute to our local community, our nation and those healthcare organizations working tirelessly to prevent and treat COVID on a daily basis.”

LocatorX was named the Gold Winner of “Company Response of the Year: Creative Ways Companies are Giving Back During COVID-19” from the 2020 Customer Sales & Service Awards.

Who’s helping?


Services: LocatorX devised a medical device registry system to keep track of ventilators and other medical equipment in response to the medical industry’s work to prevent and treat COVID-19. The registry began with ventilators, but it’s now been extended to any portable medical equipment that might be loaned or relocated. LocatorX is now working with several medical device manufacturers who are considering pre-tagging their devices as they leave the manufacturing process, to make them easier to track as they’re used.

If you are involved in or know of an organization working to bring relief to the Atlanta community during the coronavirus pandemic OR you are with an organization with supplies that you don’t know where to donate, please email us at Shannon.n.Dominy@gmail.com.