Police expenditures approved in McDonough

New police expenditures were approved.

New police expenditures were approved.

McDonough police officers are getting 60 new Glock pistols with the implementation of RedDot optics after an affirmative vote on the $34,937.40 purchase by the City Council at its Sept. 1 regular meeting.

Police Chief Ken Noble noted that the new pistol with updated sights would increase accuracy, efficiency and overall safety when used by officers. The final cost reflects a $21,000 credit for the return of 60 pistols that are currently used, and funding for the purchase will come from the asset forfeiture account.

Another police item approved by the council is the purchase of four additional cameras for the Flock camera system with the total cost of $21,000 for installation, licensing and the annual fee.

Information: mcdonoughga.org.