Suwanee Town Center on Main and DeLay Nature Park construction has begun

Credit: City of Suwanee

Credit: City of Suwanee

Construction is well underway on Suwanee’s expansion of Town Center on Main and DeLay Nature Park. The 25-acre site is located behind the Suwanee library and PlayTown Suwanee on Suwanee Dam Road and will more than double the Town Center area. Once completed, Town Center Park and Town Center on Main will function as a unified space, linked by Station Park (located next to the police station) and the pedestrian tunnel under the railroad.

Purchased in 2002 as part of the community-driven comprehensive park and open space initiative, city officials broke ground in Sept. 2022.

According to the city, “Town Center on Main will be an urban-style greenspace with its own unique character, personality, and purpose, separate from Town Center Park as we know it.” In the way city hall looks over and centers the existing park, the library will anchor this new space.

Most of the site, roughly 15 of the wooded 25 acres along the existing Brushy Creek Greenway, will remain undisturbed and be designated as the DeLay Nature Park.