Suwanee selects artist, sculpture for Veterans Memorial

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

The Suwanee City Council recently approved the Public Art Commission’s selection to commission artist Michael Szabo to create a sculpture for the new Veterans Memorial. The $200,000 20-foot-tall sculpture titled, “Greater Good” is intended to represent Veterans and provide a place where they can reconnect and reflect on their service.

The artist interviewed numerous Veterans and service members before settling on a theme. According to Szabo’s description of the project, despite the diversity of Veteran experiences “yet one common thread was that they all saw their service in the military as a contribution to a greater good.”

“Greater Good” will consist of six forms representing branches of the military emerging from the reflecting pool in the park. “The forms gracefully slope together and support each other as they rise to cover a circular area with a curved seating bench, the walls of which sit level with the water of the pool,” stated Szabo.

In describing his inspiration and meaning for the work, Szabo states, “Just as each Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, Coast Guardsman and Guardian becomes something more than themselves within their branch, each branch emerges from the water and works together to reach for the sky, achieving something greater and more meaningful than any individual could on their own.”