Suwanee has questions only a resident can answer

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

In early February, a random selection of 2,700 Suwanee households will receive an invitation in their mailboxes to participate in the 2022 National Community Survey.

This is the sixth time Suwanee will participate in the survey which measures eight aspects of community livability. The city typically conducts this survey every two years.

Administered by the National Research Center and International City/County Management Association on behalf of local jurisdictions, the survey tabulates and benchmarks residents’ anonymous responses with more than 500 other local municipalities around the country, as well as with a subset of similarly sized communities.

The survey measures citizen satisfaction in eight areas: community engagement, education and enrichment, recreation and wellness, economy, built environment, natural environment, safety, and mobility.

Results help the city with community planning, resource allocation, program improvement, goal-setting, and policy-making.