Suwanee gathering old trophies for ultimate art project

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

We’ve all got them -- old dance, softball or debate team trophies, medals and plaques gathering dust around our homes. Some left over from childhood, some recently acquired “participation trophies.” Suwanee would like to help you give them new life as part of one giant trophy out of many.

Suwanee’s Ultimate Participation Trophy, to be created by artist Phil Proctor (creator of Suwanee’s famous goat herd), will be unveiled April 29 and 30 at the Suwanee Arts Festival. But before that can happen Proctor needs your old trophies.

“No trophy is too small, no amount of trophies are too few – drop off your old trophies and feel like a winner,” said Paxton in a statement.

“I’ve asked my kids if they want their old trophies, and the answer was a hard no,” said Suwanee Assistant City Manager and empty nester Denise Brinson in a statement. “As a parent, it’s hard to just throw them away. This project gives those mementos a meaningful purpose and second life.”

Old trophy donations can be dropped off 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Nov. 30 at City Hall, 330 Town Center Ave.