Suwanee building two tiny parklets

The Suwanee City Council recently approved $56,942 in funding to build two Town Center parklets. These mini gathering spaces will provide seating and tables throughout the space to create a relaxing atmosphere with eating areas and benches.

Dimensional Designs will be building and installing the two parklets in the parking spaces in front of shops in Suwanee Town Center, one in front of Pulse Nails, and the other between Café Amico and Golden Seven.

Each parklet is approximately 22-feet by 22-feet and placed on top of two parking spaces, which are angled to create a trapezoid. Parklets will also include up to four planters, custom signage for the area as well as painted artwork on flooring. The entire parklet will have a crisscrossed sunshade above with a supporting metal frame.