Suwanee adding greenspace to Town Center Park on Main

The city of Suwanee recently broke ground on the expansion project of Town Center Park on Main and the DeLay Nature Park.

The 25-acre site was purchased in 2002 as an early acquisition of the community-driven comprehensive park and open space initiative, according to a press release from the city. The city council approved the site as a future park in 2019.

City officials hope the two parks create a “neighborhood” to surround the Suwanee library, PlayTown Suwanee and Fire Station 13. The expansion will also result in the rerouting of Main Street and a median closure on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road.

“The park draws over 300,000 visitors annually to events, as well as regularly serving our 20,000 citizens,” Suwanee mayor Jimmy Burnette said. “The new park will help ease the demand on the existing park and surrounding community.”

The park greenspace will be an urban and rural mix, including:

  • A roughly 900-foot, elevated signature bridge for pedestrian and bicycle use, spanning the entire park and crossing a one-acre water feature.
  • An open terrace plaza at the peak of the park’s elevation with large-scale pavilions.
  • Sandpit volleyball courts.
  • A public art piece.

Credit: Courtesy of: City of Suwanee

Credit: Courtesy of: City of Suwanee

The $26 million project will be paid for through urban redevelopment bonds, SPLOST and local funds, a Suwanee spokesperson said. Project construction will be completed by Reeves Young, and the park design will be completed by Clark Patterson Lee.

Preliminary construction for the project started Sept. 27 and is expected to last 18 months. Construction will be completed in phases in order for visitors to continue to have access to the library, church and park.