Lilburn CID and city partner on roadway improvements

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Lilburn and the Lilburn Community Improvement District are partnering to provide island improvements along U.S. 29 and mast arms at Ronald Reagan Parkway. The LCID recently approved $45,000 for these improvements.

The CID also recently engaged with Russell Landscape Group to provide fresh mulch to spruce up the trees and sidewalks near the Lilburn Police Department.

All of these advances come on the heels of the CID’s selection of the Sizemore Group earlier this year as the vendor to update the 2009 U.S. Highway 29 Boulevard of Opportunity Local Community Improvement Plan in the district’s effort to upgrade the city.

In partnership with Kimley-Horn, Sizemore Group is developing plans to improve the LCI area’s urban design elements, including pedestrian, bicycle and transit elements, wayfinding, public space activation, lighting and the transportation network.