Lawrenceville creating community mural

Credit: City of Lawrenceville

Credit: City of Lawrenceville

The Lawrenceville Arts Commission has an ambitious plan to transform a main throughway along Jackson Street with the city’s first community mural. The public art piece, created by artist Teresa Abboud, promises to showcase the city’s cultural diversity and inclusive society.

A portion of the 1,867-square-foot mural is designated for community participation taking place through Sept. 15, depending on the weather.

According to a city statement, “this collaborative endeavor invites the Lawrenceville community to actively participate in creating public art, fostering a sense of unity and engagement.”

“This mural is a celebration of our shared experiences, cultures, and dreams,” said Teresa Abboud. “Through art, we’re coming together to create something beautiful and lasting that can resonate with anyone who encounters it.”

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