Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful offers 10 green life hacks

Credit: custom

Credit: custom

Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful wants to help you make 2023 greener. Instead of “resolutions,” GC&B is suggesting ten “highly achievable intentions” that are easy to incorporate into daily life.

1) Make sure you’re recycling “right.” Learn how to avoid contaminating the recycling stream at For items not accepted curbside: for drop-off locations. 2) Place a catch bucket in your shower and use the water for indoor and outdoor plants. 3) Invest in a reusable water bottle. 4) Keep a stockpile of reusable grocery bags in your trunk so you’re more likely to use them. 5) Compost food waste to create your own mineral-rich fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants:

6) Become a paperless person by requesting e-bills from your credit cards and utilities. Pay bills online, use digitals apps for shopping and to-do lists, and register with the Digital Marketers Association consumer website to receive less junk mail. 7) Try your hand at farming by growing herbs and veggies. 8) Make the switch to LED bulbs. 9) Register to receive GC&B’s monthly e-blast for eco-friendly tips and upcoming events: and 10) Volunteer for GC&B events and programs.

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