Gwinnett approves asphalt plant near Vulcan in Norcross

Gwinnett Commissioners recently approved a special use permit for an asphalt plant adjacent to I-85 in the 1700 block of Willow Trail Parkway in Norcross.

According to city documents, E.R. Snell Contractor has operated an asphalt plant as a tenant at the Vulcan Materials quarry at I-85 and Beaver Ruin Road for approximately 30 years. At the time the existing plant was opened, no special use permit was required under the county’s zoning ordinance. Vulcan now needs the area where E.R. Snell’s current asphalt plant is located for expansion. They would like to relocate the existing plant to adjacent property owned by Vulcan.

The new plant will include two small buildings totaling 800 square feet, a control house for computer equipment and a lab. E.R. Snell provides construction materials and support for public road projects, private businesses and residents.

The county approved the request with conditions including restrictions on outdoor storage, signage and outdoor lighting.