Building in Peachtree Corners converted to fully net-zero energy headquarters

Credit: cust

Credit: cust

ASHRAE recently completed a $20 million building renovation project proving the economic viability of a fully net-zero-energy operation at their new global headquarters building in Peachtree Corners. Founded in 1894, the Society is committed to “advancing the arts and sciences of heating ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration and their allied fields.”

The renovated, 66,700-square-foot building sits on 11 acres at 180 Technology Parkway.

“Our investments in energy efficiency and sustainability will boost innovation within the built environment and inspire others to replicate our headquarters’ project model,” said 2021-22 ASHRAE President Mick Schwedler.

“One could make the assertion that constructing a new net-zero-energy building from the ground up would have been much easier than renovating an existing building,” said 2021-22 ASHRAE Treasurer and Former Building Ad Hoc Committee Chair Ginger Scoggins. “We decided that ASHRAE could make the greatest impact by showing others how to renovate an existing building with net-zero-energy as the focus, using our own standards and guidelines. ASHRAE is making net-zero-energy the ‘new norm’ in sustainable design and construction.”

Among the innovations, the installation of a Photovoltaic solar array system was completed in October, marking the beginning of the building’s operation at fully net-zero-energy. This system includes a combination of three sub-arrays totaling 332kW, mounted on the rooftop and in an unused section of the parking lot.

In addition, the building also includes 18 new skylights and reconfigured window/wall ratio, a radiant ceiling panel system for heating and cooling along with dedicated outdoor air system for outdoor air ventilation with enthalpy heat recovery, six water source-heat pumps, and on-site electric vehicle charging stations for guests and staff.

Information about ASHRAE’s global headquarters and the donors who helped make it possible: