Foods and drinks discarded at Duluth food stall

Several prepared foods and drinks were discarded during a health inspection at a food stall in Duluth’s Pleasant Hill Plaza.

An Vat Yummy USA had unapproved food items from Vietnam without documents approving distribution in the U.S. As a result, the unlabeled items have been placed on hold for now.

Discarded were moldy passion fruit, strawberries and cream cheese in the walk-in cooler. The ice bin also had mold.

Juices prepared onsite without pasteurization contained no warning on the bottles. These were also discarded.

Dehydrating pork and pork fat were thrown away because the restaurant did not have health authority approval for this food prep.

There were no thermometers to measure thin food temperatures and no test strips to measure sanitizer concentration in the cleaning solution.

The food stall also needed cleaning. The floors and walls were sticky, and the floors had food debris. In addition, several live and dead roaches were in the facility.

An Vat Yummy USA, 1630 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, scored 69/U on the routine inspection. Its past score was 83/B.