Food safety practices lax at Ichiban Ramen & Sushi

At Ichiban Ramen & Sushi Bar in Covington, the person in charge was not proficient in food safety practices for the restaurant.

During a recent inspection, mold was inside the ice machine, the sanitation bucket didn’t have enough sanitizer to clean tables effectively, and employees were not following health procedures when working with food.

One employee prepared food without wearing a beard guard, and the manager did not remove his apron when leaving the kitchen. Also, employee foods and drinks were on the prep table.

Among other violations, raw eggs were near butter and noodles in the walk-in cooler, and eggs were with ready-to-eat foods in the reach-in cooler.

Some prepared foods were on time control, but there were no written procedures.

Ichiban Ramen & Sushi Bar, 4152 Washington St., Covington, failed the routine inspection with a 62/U. Its previous score was 100/A in December. As a result, the restaurant will be re-inspected.