Equipment not working at Canton seafood restaurant

Canton seafood restaurant Goin’ Coastal failed a routine health inspection with coolers well above the minimum safe temperature and a dishwasher that wasn’t sanitizing.

Foods in the reach-in prep and walk-in coolers were discarded, including slaw, salmon, shrimp, oysters, and numerous other items.

Other foods were also thrown away due to unsafe temperatures. For example, ranch and blue cheese dressings were left out at room temperature, and cooked asparagus, potatoes, beans and soup were not cooled within the time allowed for food safety.

The dishwasher was not reaching the temperature required for sanitizing, and the inspector said it could only be used for washing until it was repaired.

Among other violations, black mold was along the interior portions of the bulk ice machine.

Several foods in the coolers were past their discard dates. Stuffed mushrooms and prepped salmon were discarded. Other prepared foods had yet to be date-marked for disposal.

Goin’ Coastal, 125 W. Main St., scored 58/U, down from 80/B in June. It will be re-inspected.