Employee training needed at Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood

According to a Fulton County health inspector, employees at Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood in Atlanta aren’t adequately trained in food safety, and the manager doesn’t have proper control of the restaurant.

There were violations for not sanitizing surfaces. Employees were skipping the sanitizing step when manually cleaning dishes. A three-compartment sink used for dishwashing held dishes in one sink, with only soap and water. The other compartments were used for food prep, with raw fish in one of the sinks. Also, the prep surface was not sanitized after being used.

Among other violations, a new employee failed to change gloves after handling raw fish, and employee drinks were on a shelf above the freezer and the food prep table.

The tartar sauce was on the countertop, though it was labeled to keep refrigerated. Raw fish on a cart by the grill was at room temperature and was discarded.

Knives were stored with visible grease and debris, and the can opener blade was also dirty with debris. In addition, the restaurant had no working food thermometer during the inspection.

Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood, 1080 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., scored a 63/U on the Nov. 9 routine inspection and will be re-inspected.