Dunwoody artists focus on nature-themed art for a new platform

WINTER BIRCHES Blue an ORIGINAL Watercolor by Barbara Flexner. View of cool, bare birch trunks against winter sky.
WINTER BIRCHES Blue an ORIGINAL Watercolor by Barbara Flexner. View of cool, bare birch trunks against winter sky.

Credit: Mary Hannah Harte Photography, LLC

Credit: Mary Hannah Harte Photography, LLC

Q: As I was searching for artwork on Etsy I came across a shop called DunwoodyNatureArtMkt. I see that it is a collaboration of two Dunwoody nonprofits. Can you tell me about this shop?

A: The Dunwoody Fine Art Association and the Dunwoody Nature Center joined forces as a way to help the artists and the center during the pandemic restrictions.

With exhibits and fund-raising shutdown, a shift in gears took place between the two organizations that served to benefit the communities.

“I thought some of these nonprofits are really hurting and maybe we could get together with them and do some kind of online show,” said Publicity Chair of the Dunwoody Fine Arts Association and Spruill Arts Center teacher Sharon Weiss.

“We were approached by the Dunwoody Fine Art Association for this collaboration and we were thrilled to just join with another community group. We thought it was unique and fun and a way of doing things differently since 2020 has required this of us,” said the DNC Director of Development Debbie Griffin.

With a background in the software industry, teaching credentials from UCLA and her own Etsy shop, Weiss had the skills needed to set the shop up.

Launched the middle of October, the shop started with 160 original pieces of art (paintings and drawings) in oil, acrylic, pastel, watercolor and mixed media from 24 artists – members of the DFAA.

Running through mid-December, the nature-themed art sells at $300 or less. No piece is larger than 18 inches by 24 inches with styles ranging from abstract to very detailed, according to Weiss.

“It is very exciting for me. It gives each artist and the group an opportunity to really showcase who were are and give it some publicity for our group, makes money for the nature center (30%) and also gives them more publicity so more people know who they are.

“It gives us a good feeling to be contributing money to a local nonprofit. Sixteen pieces have been sold so far and there is something for everyone,” the chair said.

Visit: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DunwoodyNatureArtMkt or https://dunwoodynature.org/

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