Nov. 7 is comment deadline for DeKalb 2050

Nov. 7 is the online deadline for comments and questions regarding three DeKalb County draft plans.

The plans are:

  • Draft DeKalb Comprehensive Land Use Plan
  • Draft 2050 Comprehensive Transportation Plan
  • Draft 2050 Unified Plan Executive Summary

These documents may be downloaded for review at

Review and add comments at

This phase is the last part of the community input process, including all of the final reports that will be provided to DeKalb CEO Michael Thurmond and the Board of Commissioners for their review and adoption before implementation.

Recommendations of this planning process will help DeKalb leadership determine which transportation projects to pursue for both local funding opportunities and state and federal dollars.

The plan also will include recommendations within unincorporated DeKalb activity centers for the types of growth and development that may occur based on new market trends and realities.

The DeKalb County project manager for the DeKalb 2050 Unified Plan, Sylvia Smith, can be contacted at