Ethiopian Community Association, Hairston Park to benefit from funding allocation

DeKalb County Commissioner Lorraine Cochran-Johnson is allocating $55,500 from her District 7 Reserve for Appropriation funds to assist in the creation of two master site plans, according to a press release.

The DeKalb County Board of Commissioners approved the funding that will be used to conceptualize site layouts for both a 10-acre Memorial Drive location to benefit the public and Ethiopian Community, as well as the enhancement of Stone Mountain’s existing Hairston Park.

“It is beneficial for government agencies to support the creation and evolution of green spaces where a community’s character is preserved, protected and projected for growth,” said Commissioner Cochran-Johnson.

Tate + Hansen LLC will receive $35,000 to create a master site plan for the Ethiopian Community Association to include the creation of green space that will be used to support the Ethiopian community, the City of Stone Mountain and DeKalb County. The proposal will also include a space to accommodate community events, outdoor gatherings, a soccer field, amphitheater and a community garden featuring indigenous herbs and plants from Ethiopia.

The remaining $20,500 will be allocated to the DeKalb County Recreation, Parks & Cultural Affairs Department to create a master site plan for Hairston Park’s 46 acres. The proposal will include two initial concepts that will be presented to stakeholders and the public for comments, as well as a preparation of a probable opinion of cost based on the selected concept. In addition, the master site plan will align with the department’s goals, as well as community input, existing assets and the topography of the property.