Doraville celebrates sesquicentennial anniversary this year

From quaint dairy town to a cultural food hub, Doraville’s history spans 150 years.

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From quaint dairy town to a cultural food hub, Doraville’s history spans 150 years.

This year marks 150 years of progression for Doraville - from a small farm town on the railway to a cultural hub on the highway. While the city’s official anniversary is not until Dec. 15, programming by the sesquicentennial committee is underway and a sneak peek into the schedule reveals there is something for everyone throughout the year, according to a press release.

From community outreach to major festivals, events will not only pay tribute to Doraville’s past and present but are also inspired by a touch of global in the city. A spring car show on the site of the former General Motors Assembly plant will be a nod to the city’s boom in the late 40s and early 50s. This summer, residents can take part in pool parties, movies in the park, as well as a 4th of July event.

In the fall, a local library book sale and benefit will highlight a commemorative Taste of Doraville cookbook, featuring recipes from around the globe from the city’s own residents and restaurants. A music and food festival, also planned for the fall, will celebrate Doraville’s musical talent and cultural diversity. And events will culminate in a special celebration with international flair mid-December, to coincide with the city’s anniversary date.

“Doraville has been many things over the past 150 years: a farming community; a factory town; a hub for international small businesses,” said Mayor Joseph Geierman. “With each iteration, we’ve kept what makes us special, while making room for what comes next.”

Doraville’s sesquicentennial festivities kick-off on March 27 with an outdoor barbecue at Brook Park in the historic Northwoods neighborhood. This is the first in a series of seasonal “park parties” which will give Doraville residents of all ages the opportunity to enjoy recent park improvements, eat great food, socially distance and meet their neighbors.

The committee recently unveiled the city’s 150th anniversary logo designed by Wendi Dunlap, a member of DArt - an art organization in Doraville. Its clean, modern design gives the committee flexibility to update the logo with the changing of events.

Historic images will be revealed through the big block numbers, becoming a dynamic window into the city’s past.

Follow Doraville’s sesquicentennial social media pages @Doraville150 for the latest updates and announcements.