Decatur has new rules for tree canopy conservation

Credit: Trees Atlanta

Credit: Trees Atlanta

Decatur has new rules regarding tree canopy conservation, according to the city’s Facebook page at

Among the changes are:

• Residents may no longer remove three healthy trees every 18 months.

• A minimum tree canopy coverage of 60% is required on single-family residential properties.

• All permitting is now submitted/reviewed online through Community Core permitting.

• A tree permit is required to remove dead, diseased and/or hazardous trees. City arborists are available to assist in permitting the removal of dead trees.

• Any demolition, building or development activity must comply with requirements of the Tree Canopy Conservation Ordinance.

For more information on Decatur’s tree ordinance and Community Core, visit

Go to for an updated copy of Decatur’s New Resident Guide.