Covington Krystal fails two inspections in June

A Krystal in Covington failed two consecutive health inspections this month. The second follow-up inspection was worse than the first one.

There were many violations, including a problem with the milkshake machine, which had a condenser leak. The milk base was submerged in water that had pooled from the leak. Some other milk bases had expired with a Feb. 28 discard date.

Among other violations, several containers of rehydrated onions did not cool down within the appropriate time frame. They were improperly stored in a tightly sealed deep container in the walk-in cooler. They were discarded.

Other food items, such as cheese and creamer, were above the safe temperature range and were discarded.

A bucket with sanitizer solution was on top of a reach-in freezer next to a container of doughnut glaze, and sanitizing wipes were on top of a food prep service counter.

Cases of food were stored directly under a leaky condenser from a walk-in freezer. The facility also needed cleaning. Food debris and grease had accumulated on the floors, in-between equipment and on the air vents.

Krystal, 3230 Highway 278, Covington, scored 46/U on the follow-up inspection, down from 61/U earlier this month. It will be re-inspected.