Coolers not working at Pasha Restaurant and Bar

Two walk-in coolers at Pasha Restaurant and Bar in Atlanta were not holding at safe temperatures, and the food inside was also too warm during a recent routine health inspection.

In addition, neither cooler had a thermometer as required. Shrimp, beef, and cream were put on ice, and ice will be used until the units are repaired. A moldy cucumber in one of the coolers was discarded.

In other violations, the ice machine had excessive mold and slime buildup. The fry cutter also had heavy residue.

A handwashing sink in the kitchen was used as a dump sink for drinks and had no soap or paper towels nearby. Food was stored on the floor. For example, cans were in the kitchen, and boxes of water were at the bar.

The restaurant was also missing a consumer advisory for raw and under-cooked animal products offered on the menu.

Pasha Restaurant and Bar, 631 Miami Circle, Atlanta, scored 64/U and will be reinspected.