Marietta Power to offer solar energy in 2023

Marietta Power, the city-owned utility provider, plans to offer solar energy in 2023, according to a city statement.

Marietta is one of the leading energy companies in the market, providing renewable power to its more than 45,000 customers, the statement added.

That means the city has “the highest percentage of nonemitting carbon neutral energy generation of companies in the surrounding market.”

Marietta will not have to pay for the construction of the solar farm.

The solar field is planned to go online around the end of 2023 and is estimated to have 260,000 solar panels.

Marietta Power has the ability to purchase solar power instead of some of the other higher-cost energy resources during peak times of energy consumption.

That is because solar energy has a very low fixed price, and Marietta Power only pays for the power when it is generated.

With this addition of solar power, the city and the Marietta Board of Lights and Water now will have solar, hydro and nuclear as a part of its nonemitting supply.