Demand for Cobb weapons carry licenses is at ‘an all-time high’

Cobb residents, seeking weapons carry licenses, will need to make appointments with the Cobb Probate Court at least through the end of September.

Chief Judge Kelli Wolk said the decision came after consulting with public health officials who claim that continuing the appointments process will help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“The demand for these licenses is at an all-time high,” Wolk said. “People tend to line up by the dozens to get into the office, and the space to do that is relatively small. The proximity of people in the courthouse put them, my staff and others, who do business here, in danger of spreading COVID-19.”

Even with the appointments process, Wolk said her office is processing weapons carry licenses at a record rate, completing more than 100 applications a day.

Those who simply need to renew their licenses can do so by mail.

Wolk said using appointments also helps staff track visitors to their office in case an outbreak is reported.

Later this month, she said she will decide whether the court will continue taking appointments into October.

To apply for an appointment and to get the latest information on the status of the Probate Court’s office, visit