Chili’s in Morrow needs cleaning, repairs

At a Chili’s in Morrow, the soda nozzles were dirty with a black substance, cutting boards were soiled, and several utensils stored clean had old food debris, wrote a Clayton County health inspector.

The restaurant also had a repeat violation of uncovered foods, exposing egg rolls, mozzarella sticks and bacon to contamination.

Chili’s Grill & Bar, 2230 Mt. Zion Road, scored a 61/U on the routine inspection. The previous score was 93/A in 2020.

The restaurant had other violations for cleanliness, such as food splatter on the kitchen wall, a repeat violation, and excessive debris on the exterior and interior of the cold and hot holding units. In addition, one of the sinks had a leak, and the hand sinks held a sanitizer bucket and knife but had no paper towels. Finally, several flies were around a bag of onions in dry storage.

Some food in coolers – such as cheese, pasta, butter and seafood – were not at safe temperatures. In addition, chocolate in the walk-in freezer had ice build-up due to a condenser that needs repairs.

Chili’s will have a follow-up inspection later this month.