Cherokee residents can appeal assessments

Cherokee County property owners have until June 30 to file appeals for their annual assessment notices.

They may see inflationary increases in their assessment values due to trends in real estate and inflation, according to a county statement.

However, these assessment notices are not tax bills, which will be mailed this fall following the setting of millage rates by each jurisdiction, including local city councils.

Any questions regarding assessment notices should be directed to the Cherokee Tax Assessor’s Office by calling 678-493-6120 or visiting

The appeals process is outlined on each assessment notice.

The average assessment increase is about 23 percent, according to the Tax Assessor’s Office, meaning that 100,575 parcels (92% of total tax parcels) in Cherokee County have increased in value.

While 1,869 parcels decreased in value, 6,162 parcels had no change from the previous year.

Georgia state law dictates how assessments must be completed, including evaluations and deadlines for exemptions and assessment notifications, according to Cherokee Chief Appraiser Steve Swindell.

Those who filed an approved homestead exemption by April 1 have an assessment value freeze for county maintenance and operations ordered by a 2008 local resolution and a $5,000 exemption off the assessed value.

The freeze and homestead exemption do not apply to the fire district, parks bond or the Board of Education-controlled school millage rates.

Until the property is sold or changes are made to the property, the freeze stays with the property owner.

Disabled veterans and senior citizens have additional exemptions as long as they applied for them by the April 1 deadline.

The county budget and millage-rate setting process will take place this summer.

The Board of Commissioners must adopt the 2022 millage rate by July 19, according to state law.

The BOC also must adopt the millage rate set by the Board of Education, which also will set its millage rate this summer.

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