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Members of the Charity Guild of Johns Creek undertake seasonal collections to support the underserved residents of the community.

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Members of the Charity Guild of Johns Creek undertake seasonal collections to support the underserved residents of the community.

For almost 28 years, residents of the Johns Creek area and beyond have been on a mission to bolster the underserved and underprivileged in the North Fulton community with both hands-on help and financial support for a variety of programs. As The Charity Guild of Johns Creek, they’ve welcomed members willing to pitch in to do the job, no matter what geographic region they call home.

“We have 142 members, both men and women, and the majority live right here,” said President Susan Matt. “But we also have people who live near the airport, in Buckhead, even some who live in Florida and support us with financial contributions.”

The nonprofit’s volunteers roll up their sleeves for projects throughout the year. Pre-COVID, members provided snack packs and backpacks for kids in the STAR House program for at-risk students. They delivered Meals on Wheels through Senior Services of North Fulton and supported the work of North Fulton Community Charity and HomeStretch, a nonprofit that finds shelter options for those without homes. They also have taken on seasonal projects such as Easter baskets, fall coat drives and holiday toy collections.

COVID has refocused the guild’s work after efforts stalled for about nine months, said Matt.

“When COVID hit, some organizations didn’t allow people in,” she said. “So we rechanneled our energy and started printing PPE for businesses and charities in our community. We created mask shields, bought gloves and hand sanitizer, and provided materials to emergency rooms in the area.”

Members were able to continue being virtual mentors and tutors to victims of sexual exploitation through Wellspring Living that has a location in Johns Creek. And though a pro-am tennis event raised funds in August, COVID caused the cancellation of the major fundraising gala. But despite that setback, Matt said the guild is still a way to bring people together to do good works.

“When someone moves into the community, it’s a way to connect and meet others,” she said. “Some want to give volunteer time and hours. We have members who might come with a friend and some who never come to a meeting - they’d rather be hands on.”

That personal aspect appealed to Matt, an eight-year member.

“I joined because I wanted to touch people’s lives and see that happening, rather than just giving money,” she said. “The socialization is another factor: I’ve met a number of people in the community. But hands-on mentoring is important to me.”

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