Caribbean eatery fails inspection, discards food

The Caribbean eatery Negril in Atlanta scored a 49/U and discarded several foods during a recent routine inspection.

Fried chicken on the prep table was at an unsafe temperature and was discarded. Also, several prepared foods were past their discard dates and were thrown away. Moldy strawberries in a cooler were also tossed.

In addition, several containers of food were uncovered and exposed to contamination. Ice was also uncovered, and the ice machine had a black, slimy mold-like build-up inside.

Among other violations, chemical spray bottles along with other containers and bottles in the kitchen were not labeled. Food was not date-marked for disposal. And a food appliance was not cleaned and sanitized after being used.

A cooler in the prep area was in disrepair, and the three-compartment sink had a leak.

Negril ATL Restaurant, 30 North Ave., Atlanta, will have a follow-up inspection. The restaurant had not been inspected since 2020 and last earned an 88/B.