Cafe score falls 51 points after routine inspection

Kakao Café in Tyrone saw its food score drop more than 50 points during a recent routine health inspection. The restaurant scored 49/U, down from a 100/A earlier this year.

The cafe had several violations with foodborne illness and public health risk factors. For example, employees were handling ready-to-eat foods without gloves and washing their hands under running water but without soap. In addition, employee drinks were throughout the facility and around the customer food.

A sanitizer bucket and some dirty dishes were in the vegetable sink. There were no paper towels at the hand sink.

Among other violations, large quantities of densely packed food in refrigeration were cooling improperly. Several food items were past their discard dates and were discarded.

Uncooked chicken and eggs were with ready-to-eat food in storage. Cooked vegetables and beans were at unsafe temperatures in the reach-in cooler.

The facility had no means of testing the sanitizer. And vents in the kitchen and dining room were soiled with an accumulation of debris.

Kakao Café, 998 Senoia Road, Tyrone, will be re-inspected.