Alpharetta approves Tradewinds/Ga. 400 traffic study

The Alpharetta City Council has awarded a $75,480 contract for a traffic study on the impact of proposed Ga. 400 express lanes on Tradewinds Parkway and other streets.

Moffatt & Nichol will evaluate the impact of proposed express lane access points at Tradewinds on nearby intersections and corridors, according to a staff report to the council. Now a short street connecting Morris Road and North Point Parkway, Tradewinds is to be extended west, across Ga. 400, to Westside Parkway.

“The study will provide recommendations to mitigate the traffic impacts,” staff said. “The study area is Windward Parkway to the north, Webb Bridge Road to the south, North Point Parkway to the east, and Westside Parkway to the west.”

A preliminary report is due three months after the notice to proceed, and a final report will be completed two months after the city reviews and comments on the preliminary document, staff said.