Reunited: Jenn Hobby and Melissa Carter start new podcast “The Friendzy”

Former Bert Show hosts Jenn Hobby and Melissa Carter are starting a podcast "Friendzy." PUBLICITY PHOTO/JENNIFER BRETT/AJC
Former Bert Show hosts Jenn Hobby and Melissa Carter are starting a podcast "Friendzy." PUBLICITY PHOTO/JENNIFER BRETT/AJC



It’s another Bert Show alum reunion as they focus on empowering women 40+

“Bert Show” alums Jenn Hobby and Melissa Carter are reuniting for a new podcast called “The Friendzy,” focused on empowering women over the age of 40 to be their better selves.

The weekly podcast is set to debut Feb. 1.

Carter and Hobby worked together on Bert Weiss’ Bert Show from 2002 to 2011. Carter, who started her radio career at 99X, was an original host in 2001. Hobby joined the Bert Show after original host Lindsey Brien left.

Along with Jeff Dauler, the quartet built a huge following, catering to women who loved the gossip and the relationship drama.

Carter left the show in 2011 and Hobby departed a year later.

They had talked about working together since then but nothing ever came to pass.

“We’ve always stayed good friends,” Hobby said. “People were so excited when they heard we were doing this podcast. But it’s so weird. We’ve never been apart. I was there when she brought her son home. She was at the hospital when my kids were born.”

With Carter immunocompromised due to a kidney transplant in 2002, she has stayed pretty isolated during the pandemic but met with Hobby in her driveway in October where they spent hours discussing what a possible podcast would look like.

They honed in on catering to women in their 40s, an arena rich with possibilities.

“You’ve had enough time in your career to wonder if that’s what you still want to do,” Hobby said. “‘Am I meant to be a corporate attorney or am I meant to teach yoga?’ This pandemic has also given everyone a pause to reevaluate their lives. Once you reach your 40s, you’ve got enough confidence and self-awareness to listen to new ideas. Many are caring for aging parents while juggling children. Melissa and I are older moms in our 40s with young kids but a lot of women have kids leaving the house and are becoming empty nesters.”

They plan to talk about self-image, health, finance and relationships and bring in experts.

“We don’t have all the answers,” Hobby said. “We’re journeying with the audience, hoping for a national conversation. We will book guests from all over the country. We want to create a community of like-minded women and make them feel less alone.”

They have no plans to get political. In fact, Carter said they decided to wait until after the election passed before launching the weekly podcast.

Both women have remained in the broadcast world since departing the Bert Show.

Carter helmed a morning show at B98.5 from 2013 until 2017. She then worked at Kennesaw-based Impact Partnership, which helps insurance agents and financial advisors grow their practices with options like radio shows. She was laid off in July but continues to do similar work with financial clients on her own.

Hobby first worked a few years as a mid-day host on Q100′s sister station Kicks 101.5. She then joined fellow former Bert Show host Dauler for a morning show on Q’s rival Star 94 from 2016 to 2019. After Dauler was let go, management teamed Hobby up with with Mark Owens and Curtis Slade. Then last fall, Star shifted its format to an unusual dance/pop orientation with more music, less personality. She remains a solo morning host there.

Carter has tried podcasting before, including a solo show called “She Persisted” in 2017 on Progressive Voices Radio. She hopes this one will stick.

“I’ve had the privilege to entertain listeners from their 20s into their 40s,” Carter said. “I can’t think of a better way to continue to serve those women I’ve served before. It just feels natural. I’m super excited about this.”

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