How did Atlanta’s Rachael Kirkconnell do on ‘The Bachelor’ hometown “visit” with Matt James?

Matt James gives Rachael Kirkconnell a rose for the final three on "The Bachelor" Feb. 23, 2021. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Matt James gives Rachael Kirkconnell a rose for the final three on "The Bachelor" Feb. 23, 2021. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Credit: ABC

Credit: ABC

They did sky diving as part of their date.

Cumming resident Rachael Kirkconnell is one of the final three ladies “The Bachelor” Matt James is considering to be his wife after Monday’s episode.

Serena Pitt, one of his favorites, hasn’t been able to deal with the speed of this artificially hyped process and ultimately decides he isn’t “her person.” She leaves. He is disappointed, but he has three other women to consider: Rachael, Michelle Young of Woodbury, Minnesota, and Bri Springs of San Antonio, Texas.

Because of the pandemic, James couldn’t crisscross the country to meet the families in the women’s residences. Instead, the family members came to the “Bachelor” ranch.

For Rachael’s “hometown” date, she drove a fancy convertible to meet Matt. “Communication, honesty and trust is a really important thing for me. Do you trust me?” she says.

She blindfolds Matt.

“Our connection is seamless,” he says. “And the fact I’m feeling this now is scary, but it tells me this is working, and I’m going to step into it.”

She takes him on a tandem jump from an airplane 12,000 feet up. “I’m a thrill-seeker,” he says. “I love stuff like this.”

They both enjoy the experience.

“I feel on top of the world right now,” she proclaims several thousand feet up. She then goes cheeseball by saying: “I’m literally falling for you.” While Matt lands gently, Rachael hits the ground pretty hard. He’s scared at first, but she appears OK. They kiss, and she appreciates how caring he is about her pain.

Rachael’s sister and parents meet Matt. “I need to show them how real my feelings are for Matt,” Rachael says. “I hope Matt asks my dad for his blessing ‘cause I’m in love with the guy, and I want to start the future with him.”

She has some alone time with her mom and tells her how she’s falling in love with him. She hasn’t yet seen a red flag. Her mom is accepting. But her dad is more skeptical and tells Matt that they should have more time to get to know each other. “The end goal for me is to be married,” Matt explains. He says he’s never connected with someone like Rachael before.

Rachael’s dad thinks the entire “Bachelor” process is weird (because it is) and isn’t buying into it. He isn’t sure he can trust Matt. He is worried she’ll get her heart broken. Matt ultimately does not ask Rachael’s dad for her hand in marriage, and she’s bummed.

All this was taped weeks ago.

Since the show debuted last month, she has weathered some minor controversy off camera over photos leaking of her at some Old South “plantation” frat party she attended while attending Georgia College & State University in Milledgeville. A TikTok use also accused Rachael of bullying her for dating Black men and another said Rachael “liked” photos with Confederate flags on them.

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Rachael expressed regret over her actions on social media and seems to have weathered the storm though Matt himself expressed “incredibly disappointing” photos in his own post.

So, even if he did ultimately propose to Rachael, we won’t know if they are going to stay together. The track record, based on past ‘Bachelor” seasons, is not good.

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