Final night in Atlanta: ‘The Daily Show’ features Dominique Wilkins, ‘Georgia Ninja Voter’

Roy Wood Jr. shows up all four nights.

Trevor Noah’s fourth and final night in Atlanta featured Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins and a skit comparing the challenges of voting in Georgia to “American Ninja Warrior.”

Here are the highlights:

‘Atlanta’ doesn’t need a ‘t’: In Noah’s 10-minute monologue, he said he spent enough time in Atlanta to start calling it A-lanta minus the “t.” “Now I understand how mumble rap was invented!” he said.

Poof! “A whole group of us went to Magic City. I will say they are the worst magicians ever. The only thing that disappeared was my money!”

Arm the animals! He did a riff of the news that residents can pack heat at Zoo Atlanta. “Think about how many times you’ve been disappointed when the animals are sleeping when you get there. Not anymore! You just walk up to the enclosure. Pop! Pop! Pop! The panda is awake now! Aww... look at him running for cover!”

Obama vs. Biden on the stump: Noah compared the different energies between Obama and Biden while sending the same message in back-to-back speeches that democracy is on the ballot next week: “Obama is like me before dinner in Atlanta. Biden is me after every dinner I’ve had in Atlanta this week. I’d walk into Busy Bee. ‘Let’s do this! I will dominate this fried chicken plate!’ Afterwards, ‘I did not feel confident about the future of my stomach. I can feel it in my bones!’”

A reality show nobody wants to see: “Daily Show” correspondents Desi Lydik and Roy Wood Jr. co-host a mock show called “Georgia Ninja Voter” where voters go through what appears to be an “American Ninja Warrior” obstacle course that is a metaphor for Georgia voting. Noting how many fewer polling places there are than a decade ago, one voter fails to make it to the poll before it closes by missing a rope and falling to the ground. A second one enduring a long line gets physically knocked off a beam. Another person is handed a bottle of water and is disqualified. Finally, a fourth would-be voter tries to climb a huge wall to reach a drop box, a metaphor for so many drop boxes disappearing since 2020.

A slam dunk: Atlanta resident Wilkins, who starred with the Atlanta Hawks from 1982 to 1994, discussed his basketball legacy with Noah and his enduring popularity at age 62. “You play for the people,” Wilkins said. “The people make you who you are. I’ve been that way since high school. I played as hard as I could. I only knew how to play one speed. It was the way we competed back in those days.” He also talked about his non-profit KultureCity, which trains staff at venues and certifies them when they provide sensory inclusive modifications.

Foul shot: The opening bit featured Wood playing one-on-one basketball against Trevor Noah. When Hawks player John Collins enters the gym and gives Noah a head nod, Noah throws a half-court shot that glances off the basket and knocks out Michael Kosta sitting in the stands. When Wood mentions liability issues, both Collins and Noah skedaddle.

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