Briefs: Quibi renews Kevin Hart’s ‘Die Hart;' ’48 Hours’ features Griffin couple, HBO developing vampire hip-hop series focused on Atlanta rapper

John Travolta, Kevin Hart and Nathalie Emmanuel in Quibi's "Die Hart."

Credit: Quibi

Credit: Quibi

Quibi’s biggest hit “Die Hart” is getting a second season.

The comedy series — shot in metro Atlanta — stars Kevin Hart as a version of himself wanting to become an action star, so he signs up for a special “action star” school led by a quixotic character played by John Travolta.

Season one of the series was the streaming service’s most-watched show of the summer, Quibi said

Mary Katherine Higdon, left, was arrested on a charge of murder in the death of her boyfriend, Steven Freeman.

Credit: Facebook

Credit: Facebook

This Wednesday’s CBS “48 Hours Suspicion” at 10 p.m. features a Griffin woman shooting her boyfriend. Was it an accident or deliberate?

High school sweethearts Mary Katherine Higdon and Steven Andrew Freeman were starting their life together when Freeman took a bullet to the chest Aug. 1, 2018. She told first responders it was an accident, saying she handed the gun to Freeman and didn’t know it had bullets.

Investigators said she later admitted to murder, but the tape where she allegedly confessed was impossible to hear due to feedback hum. “48 Hours Suspicion” correspondent David Begnaud investigated the case.

“All I know is what’s in my heart,” Higdon told Begnaud. “And I know what happened that night. … I loved Steven. And I would never ever do anything to hurt him.”

The investigation revealed a toxic relationship with allegations of abuse. Prosecutor Kate Lenhard believes the couple’s relationship was falling apart, and Higdon shot Freeman out of anger.

Higdon in the courtroom admitted that she was afraid of Freeman that night and says he had hit her, and she testified on two occasions he raped her.

“48 Hours Suspicion” will reveal what the jury decided.


Vampires have not been as hot lately as they were a decade ago, but HBO is going to try to merge the subject and hip-hop culture.

Currently titled “Thirst,” the series tells the story of a brilliant but cocky Atlanta rapper who thinks he’s found his way to stardom when he links up with hip-hop’s hottest group. But he has no idea they are hiding a terrifying secret: They are a family of vampires with roots going back centuries.

“Music has been integral to both our lives, and ‘Thirst’ is the perfect opportunity to blend genres, while exploring the intersection of fame, culture and what it means to be American," said creators Leah Benavides Rodriguez and Carlito Rodriguez in a press release." We’re excited to bring it to life with Macro Television Studios and the rest of our dope team, and thrilled it has found its home at HBO.”

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