Briefs: 94.9/The Bull’s Brian Moote has a son; Kristin Klingshirn renews with Bert Show; Atlantan on ‘Survivor’ season 44



Brian Moote, the 94.9/The Bull co-host, recently announced the birth of his first child, who was born last month.

Ronan James Moote was born two weeks early. Moote said his wife and Realtor Jessica Sheevy was induced because Ronan wasn’t gaining enough weight in utero. Because Ronan’s lungs weren’t quite ready, the hospital kept him a week in the Northside Hospital neonatal intensive care unit.

“It was a rattling experience,” Moote said in an interview. “We were terrified. But it’s been enlightening to hear stories on the radio show from other parents who had similar experiences.”

On social media, Moote wrote: “The way in which he was so amazingly chill in NICU while going through all sorts of medical procedures is incredible. I’m excited to watch him grow and continue to introduce y’all to him. I am endlessly grateful for all of the love and support we got while he was in NICU. This has been such a week of growth and love for me.”

He said he and his wife decided to wait until birth to learn the baby’s gender. They also chose the gender neutral name Ronan just to cover themselves. “There was so much going on right after Ronan was born, I initially forgot to tell her the gender,” he said.

Moote, who previously was married to a British “X Factor” singer, met his current wife in Atlanta while he was at the Bert Show from 2015 and 2017 while they were living in the same Buckhead apartment complex. They maintained a long-distance relationship while he worked at a Los Angeles morning show from 2017 to 2019. She moved in with him in when he landed a gig at a station in Dallas that lasted about two years. Last year, country station 94.9/The Bull hired him to be part of a new morning show.

They moved back to Atlanta in early May of last year and she found out she was pregnant a month later.


Credit: Rodney Ho/

Credit: Rodney Ho/

Kristin Klingshirn, who has been with The Bert Show since 2011 and in the radio business since 2002, recently signed a new contract to continue with the syndicated radio show, which is based out of Q99.7 in Atlanta but is heard on 22 other stations as well.

“I owe this woman so much,” said her boss Bert Weiss on social media, announcing the contract renewal. “She has made coming into work for 12 years so special. Her combination of loyalty, support, creativity, thoughtfulness and humor is unmatched. We just get each other. She brings so much joy to the studio every day!!!”

She is the second longest running cast member on the show besides Weiss himself. The only cast member who was with the Bert Show longer was Jeff Dauler, who was on the show from its inception in 2001 until 2016.




The 44th season of “Survivor” features Georgia Tech student Carson Garrett who might remind super fans of memorable Tech post-doc student and robotics scientist Christian Hubicki from 2018.

Rome native Garrett, the youngest person on this season’s cast of 18 at age 20, said he plans to hide his engineering background because that might make him a bigger target, according to a bio provided by CBS.

“I intend to model my game after [Hubicki] but focus more on diminishing my threat level until the endgame,” he said. “I want people to solely view me in a ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ light and I plan to ensure no one will detect my deeply strategic underside.”

Hubucki finished in seventh place season 37 during a season themed “David vs. Goliath.” (He was a “David.”) He built up his game before the two tribes merged via pure likability and a vibrant personality but became a massive threat after the merge and could only fight off the inevitable so long.

Garrett, who is interning at NASA with aspirations to be a rocket scientist and whose great-grandfather worked there as well, told Entertainment Weekly that he is a “triple threat. I’m social. I’m strategic. And I’m physical.”

And just hear Garrett discuss strategy in his official bio: “As someone who has obsessively studied the evolution of game theory within ‘Survivor,’ I cannot wait to test myself and see how my unique thought process and strategic background fare on a game built upon the idea of adaptability. While I believe that winning ‘Survivor’ requires some luck, I think that my intuition and discernment will lead me down a path to victory.”

He also creates “Survivor”-style puzzles for fun using a 3D printer.

During a “Survivor 44″ trailer, he said, “To prepare for ‘Survivor,’ I read FBI books on interrogation techniques.”

The show returns March 1.

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