‘Big Brother’ update: Atlantan Jasmine Davis, Atlanta native Brittany Hoopes still competing 41 days in

Jasmine messed up her ankle and investigates ‘Muffingate.’

Atlanta resident Jasmine Davis and Atlanta native Brittany Hoopes have managed to stay out of harm’s way so far as the current season of “Big Brother” reaches its halfway point.

Let’s see how each one is doing at this point:

Jasmine, 29, calls herself a digital creator on her social media.

She has a super strong Southern drawl and likes to spout Dan Rather-like aphorisms. To date, she has not been a major strategic or physical player so far. She was the Head of Household week two and managed to axe a player in a move that didn’t cause any major waves. She was part of an early “girls girls” alliance that soon crumbled. She is not part of the current Leftover alliance that is controlling the game.

During week two, she messed up her ankle during a competition and has been wearing a cast and hobbling around ever since. Some “Big Brother” faithful think, a month later, she is “milking” the injury so she doesn’t have to do any real work around the house.

Credit: CBS

Credit: CBS

Jasmine also got upset week five when someone ate part of a muffin she had set aside and walked around interrogating people. She even hid behind a couch at one point trying to snoop on people, but everyone knew she was there. (Matthew Turner is shown doing so to annoy her but also doesn’t fess up when asked. She never figures out who the culprit.) The players dubbed it “Muffingate.”

So far, Jasmine has not been targeted yet for elimination despite not being part of the primary alliance.

Right before last week’s elimination of Daniel Durston, Jasmine started to believe an alliance was at work but couldn’t quite figure out everyone in it.

Brittany, a 32-year-old hypnotherapist who grew up in Atlanta and now lives in Austin, has kept herself even more under the radar than Jasmine. She was part of the original “girls girls” alliance but now is deep in the current Leftovers alliance that has eliminated three strong players in a row.

She has not appeared to have upset anybody in the house to any grandiose degree. She is also very close to Michael Bruner, a super fan who has won four veto competitions and one Head of Household competition to date and is very much a major player in the game.

The sixth person out this Thursday will either be Indy Santos or Terrance Higgins, leaving ten players.

The winner will be named Sept. 25 and take home $750,000.