Atlantans Cynthia Bailey, Lamar Odom make it into final five on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Cynthia lost her key ally Carson Kressley on Saturday

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey has been on the wrong side of the power alliance throughout this season of CBS’s “Celebrity Big Brother” but has managed to keep her head above water 25 days into the competition.

Former NBA player and reality star Lamar Odom has not quite comprehended the complexities of the game so he has been largely an outsider when it comes to major machinations inside the Big Brother house. His relative irrelevance has actually kept him around.

On Saturday night, Cynthia lost her closest ally and former “Queer Eye” star Carson Kressley, who was voted out by the power duo of singer-songwriter Todrick Hall and mixed martial artist Miesha Tate. Todrick and Miesha have been super tight, making some major moves to stay in power.

Cynthia hopes that by working with “Diff’rent Strokes” star Todd Bridges and Lamar, they can get rid of Todrick and/or Miesha in the next eviction round. (She had a minor conflict with Bridges earlier in the competition but it appears that has been smoothed over.)

Carson, while Head of Household a few days earlier, was tricked into thinking his ally and reality star Shanna Moakler was double-crossing him and got rid of her instead of Tate or Hall. That cost him $250,000. Bailey bought into the falsehood as well and also voted to get rid of Shanna.

On Monday night, the final five will become the final three with a double eviction.

Bailey is unlikely to win the competition. She has been super weak in the challenges and has yet to win a Head of Household or Power of Veto competition.

She also didn’t appear to make any notable strategic moves the first 20 days on the show, which won’t necessarily serve her well with the jury if she makes the finals against Hall and/or Tate.

On the bright side, she is super likable and has played the game with integrity. Kressley will certainly vote for her.

Odom is even less strategic than Bailey and has also won zero competitions to date. He will be hard-pressed to garner any votes if he makes it to the finals. Bridges is making some late moves and has an outside shot of pulling an upset over Hall or Tate.

GoldDerby, which has betting odds on who will win, gives Hall (7-2) the edge with Tate (18-5) not far behind. Bailey is basically tied with Odom and Bridges at 9/2 odds of winning.


“Celebrity Big Brother,” 8 p.m. Monday on CBS with the season finale on Wednesday.