‘Walking Dead’ auctioning off Daryl’s motorcycle, Negan’s Lucille bat, Rick’s shirt, Carl’s Stetson hat

You can bid until Oct. 15

AMC is auctioning off more than 100 iconic items from its show “The Walking Dead” just ahead of the final eight episodes of the series, which began in 2010 and became the most popular cable show of all time. It was shot in Georgia its entire run.

Through Goldin, the auction began Tuesday and ends Oct. 15. By Wednesday morning, some items already had early starting bids.

“AMC wanted to celebrate this landmark moment with our millions of fans who have made it all possible,” said Clayton Neuman, vice president of games at AMC in a press release. “We are thrilled to partner with Goldin to give our fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take home a piece of this cherished series for themselves.”

Here are a few items you can bid on:

- Daryl Dixon’s Classified Moto production-used motorcycle: A 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk modified motorcycle used from seasons 5 to 8 was driven by favorite show character Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and custom built by Classified Moto in Richmond, Virginia. According to the lot description, “the motorcycle served as Daryl’s trusty steed, from the Alexandria Safe-Zone to Oceanside to Hilltop, until it was finally abandoned in the Season 8 episode ‘Do Not Send Us Astray,’ prior to the Season 9 time jump.” (Starting bid: $5,000).

- Negan’s production-used “Lucille” baseball bat: Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the ruthless leader of the Saviors, during season 7 wielded a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat named after his late wife that he felt emotionally bonded to. The lot description notes that this is a “a Hero prop” that is “as real as it gets” since it was shown close up on camera. “Wrapped in a plastic barbed-wire facsimile for safety,” the auction notes, “the real wood bat also bears the embedded round fired by Rosita in Season 7, Episode 8 when trying to kill Negan.” ($7,000 after 12 bids)

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

- Rick Grimes’ two shirts worn in the show’s first episode: Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) was shot in the line of duty, fell into a coma and woke up weeks into a zombie apocalypse. Worn throughout the first episode, as noted in the auction, Rick’s “tan and brown size medium sheriff’s button-up bears scuffs and dirt on the front and back, bloodstains on the back near the left sleeve, and a clean bullet hole next to the right side pocket where Rick was shot. The white size medium undershirt bears blood stains and fingerprints across the back.” ($2,000 opening bid.)

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

- Michonne’s production-used katana: Michonne (Danai Gurira) arrived in full form season 3 and became a close confidante, then girlfriend to Rick. Her katana, 28 inches in length with a handle wrapped in white ito, took down countless zombies and became her symbol of strength and resilience. The auction notes that “this prop bears intentional production-designed wear to show the mounting cost of each violent encounter. The scabbard shows wear and stains placed by production to display the distances this pairing has traveled.” It does not say which seasons this particular katana was used. ($2,500 after six bids)

Credit: AMC

Credit: AMC

- Carl’s Stetson hat. This distinctive hat was given to Carl (Chandler Riggs) by his dad Rick and he wore it for the rest of the show. The auction notes, “as is common for heavily used costume items, several of these hats were used throughout the 11 seasons of the show. This particular version of the hat was worn by Carl in Seasons 6-8.” Before Carl died season 8, he gave the hat to his sister Judith, who wore it season 9. ($1,400 after four bids)

Other items for bid include a version of Morgan’s signature staff, Aaron’s prosthetic spiky mace head used in battle where his hand used to be, Michonne’s chains for her two walkers, shirts worn by Glenn season one, a Daryl crossbow, Eugene’s Grimbly Gunk plushie and Carol’s knife.

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